Animation 10

Holy Cross High School

Welcome to Animation 10. This introductory course into the world of animation is divided into Three parts.


Each section contains links to specific assignments projects and related tutorials


The history of Animation

Skater The history of animation from the first attempts to create motion to modern full featured films. This section investigates early animators and animation devices, ground breaking pioneers in animation and current trends in animation, hardware and software. Students will have an opportunity to investigate careers related to animation.

Animation Techniques

2d animation

SkaterFrom idea to completed project. This section delves into the nuts and bolts of animation. Techniques in generation ideas for animations as well as storyboarding your animation ideas. This section includes projects in stop motion animation and short 2D animations using Pencil, imovie and Adobe Flash

Download and try some of the free software. Also check out the tutorial links at the bottom of this page!

Student Gallery


Students will have an opportunity to showcase their talent, and learn from the examples of others in the Student Gallery area.